Logging to SD Card (OP2.0) Does Not Work?

Logging to SD Card (OP2.0) Does Not Work?

Postby eastmentCTD600 » Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:37 pm

I need help, I'm a noob.

USDM 2007 Legacy GT, 5eat. Attempting to log to a 2GB SD card with my recently purchased OP2.0. Using the LogCfg tool posted by freakin. Output file "LogCfg.txt" placed in the root directory of the SD card (F:\Logcfg.txt). Data logging start/stop with the defogger switch... The result is a ton of indicidual .csv files, even if I press the button once, it generates many individual .csv files. Does anyone know why this is happning? I'm assuming the 2007 is a CAN bus system, not K-line. ECU ID = A2UG000C, 4B12525007

The other observation is that all of the data in all of the files is the same. for example each of the million .csv files generated include the parameter "engine speed (RPM)." The data in all of the .csv files for all rows in each file under engine speed is "10756.5". Obviously not right or I would have run over my crankshaft by now.

Has anyone had this issue? Please help. :?:

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Re: Logging to SD Card (OP2.0) Does Not Work?

Postby lordeldor » Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:50 pm

Man I feel your pain. It took me a lot of trial and error to figure this out.

You are trying to log extended parameters with CAN. As of now (to the best of my knowledge) extended parameters can only be logged via kline. Extended parameters are marked with asterisks in freakin's tool.

Try changing ssmcan to ssmk to log these parameters.

CAN logging is higher resolution so it is rather nice if you dont need to log extended parameters. Keep in mind CAN logging samples data at about 50 rows a second. It will create much larger csv files than kline. Excel may truncate data if you are trying to collect long term (closed loop fuel trim) data for scatterplotting.

Once you figure out your logging profile for your tuning task its parameters will dictate wether you can use CAN logging.

Also if you plan to use Airboys spreadsheet I find it helps to snip the first column (sample) off of your data. His spreadsheet will use the sample column as time if you don't snipt it. Boy do those dyno plots look odd.
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