2 OP2.0's with Low Voltage Error. Is there a fix for this??

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2 OP2.0's with Low Voltage Error. Is there a fix for this??

Postby scoobiewrx » Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:17 am


I've now got two OP2.0's, both with low voltage errors (4.8volts) on any Impreza i try to flash. They both read fine but will not flash. Is this a my devices are broken situation whereby they need some kind of electronic repair or is this a firmware issue? I know the last Tactrix update also updated the OP2.0 and i understand there is no way to reprogramme the OP2.0 with an older version firmware so what to do?

Is there a fix for it becuause i am getting no joy from Tactrix whatsoever. Their support department is always unatended every time i call, they put me on hold to listen to some awful music and then it goes to voicemail. Also, they are not responding to email apart from the autoreply service to say they have received it.

Does anyone have a fix for this because it's now become pretty important they get repaired or something is done to rectify this problem. I have an old 1.3U cable which thankfully does work ok but it's no good for the latest generation Hatchback and 4dr Impreza.

I'm disappointed to say the least with the lack of response/service this time around from Tactrix, I sincerely hope they don't leave people in the lurch for too long because for some of us this is costing money.

I'd appreciate any help on this.
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Re: 2 OP2.0's with Low Voltage Error. Is there a fix for thi

Postby ayashiko » Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:19 am

do so, read the firmware and not turning off the ignition write firmware
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