Colby, how does EcuFlash handle inheritance?

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Colby, how does EcuFlash handle inheritance?

Postby qoncept » Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:41 am

Hopefully Colby will get a chance to read this and respond. We're preparing to overhaul the ECU definition implementation in RomRaider and will be using the same XML definitions as EcuFlash. While discussing our current definitions, it came to my attention that there are tables (in both EcuFlash and RR's defs) that have the same name but different formatting (ie a space at the end, "Target Boost" and "Target Boost ") in higher level inherited definitions. I really don't think this is a good idea. More info in this thread.

My question: does EcuFlash's inheritance allow overriding of table names? I still haven't had a chance to look through the EcuFlash definitions, but I'm picturing a table in the lowest level definition specifying a table to inherit but overriding the name. So you could potentially end up with something like this (in pseudo-XML)

Parent def:
<table name="Target Boost (16-bit)">
<table name="Target Boost (32-bit)">

Lowest level def:
<table name="Target Boost" parent="Target Boost (16-bit)">

The parent attribute could obviously be changed.
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