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Evo - custom datalogging

Postby S54fan » Thu Aug 24, 2006 6:15 am

If you look at the 7052-7055 hardware manuals, you'll find the interrupt vectors for the serial ports. Tracing the routines from there on an Evo VIII ROM, I've found that there is a set of 7 addresses in RAM from where the ECU reads values and then outputs them to the serial port, and it appears that it might cycle through these 7. There is a corresponding routine that reads in values into 7 other addresses that I can't directly identify.

I'm looking at references to the RAM locations that are read and output to try to identify the logging routines. If we can do that we can hopefully hook into them for some custom requests - eg a proper load measurement, outputting other variables.

Any insights/information on the above would be welcomed.

Meantime, as I've posted on evolutionm.net, an estimation of load is 2550*(IPW-injector lag at 14.4V)/AFRMAP. AFRMAP is a custom Evoscan requestID that returns the raw value that it seems to use for fuelling - ie 14.7:1 = 128, higher is richer.
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