RzDash - Virtual Dash for multiple platforms

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RzDash - Virtual Dash for multiple platforms

Postby moby » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:58 am


I started a virtual dash project a few month ago, and I came to a point where I got something working in my car :)

It's coded in C++/QT4 and runs on almost everything (Windows, Linux, embedded Linux, OSX...)

My goal is to have it running on my ARM board (micro2440, ask google) and put it in my car as a permanent replacement for the cluster.

Here is a screenshot:

for those wondering: yes it runs on my arm board right now. I have done tests on Windows (compiled with VC2008), linux, and ARM linux (self made distro).

Target ECUs:
  • OBD II
  • Crome (honda)
  • eCtune (honda)
  • Hondata KPRO
  • Hondata S300

I might add other dataloging protocols if I get the docs, or if someone helps me.

This project will be distributed under the GPL. (open source)

I will post the source when I got something stable and the code is clean/commented.
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Re: RzDash - Virtual Dash for multiple platforms

Postby DMS » Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:47 am

Where can I learn more about your project?
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