SUBARU Impreza/Legacy/Baja/Forester/Outback EvoScan Project

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SUBARU Impreza/Legacy/Baja/Forester/Outback EvoScan Project

Postby Evo4Mad » Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:21 pm

I was looking around for a decent logger, and the only ones I could find, they just kept crashing or they were really annoying to use and wouldn't connect very well. So I am building a Subaru logger that will connect all the time with all the awesome datalogger parameters. If you have any suggestions for my project? or information on the protocols for different subarus? let me know, and I already know about the SSM1 and SSM2 protocols. And I would like to know more SSM1 vehicle memory locations please send them.

This logger will support all Subaru Models for DataLogging/Actuator activations/Clear Diagnostics Codes for the SSMI Protocol and SSMII datalogging protocols. And to support all these Subaru computers:

Engine (EFI),
Transmission (AT/MT),
Cruise Control,
Antilock Braking System (ABS),
Air Bag System (SRS) ,
Integ. unit mode,
and Electric Power Steering system.

Data Logger Features:
1) commandline start up parameters for Car PCs
2) Custom selection of any of cool looking gauges
2) Save/Load Gauge layout/config
5) Log data to csv (Excel) file.
6) Playback csv data log.
7) Log data to screen.
8) GPS and Video tracking.
9) Calculated Dyno figures and graphs: acceleration / torque / hp
10) Aftermarket Wideband sensor comport serial logging support
11) Realtime Graphing support
12) Alerting on data value minimum/maximum/rate of change Alerts by Background colour, and/or by custom alarm sound (wav file).

StiScan Supported Hardware:
1) I will be putting up a HighSpeed Subaru USB FTDI cable for sale that is FT232BM USB cable for the StiScan datalogger. You can pre-order yours by sending an email to
this cable will contain both the 9pin subaru adapter and also the 16pin subaru datalogging adapter, which will support all SSMI and SSMII datalogging.

2) serial obdII adapter that will support 4800baudrates, I will post up some circuit diagrams, I have heaps of them.

StiScan Registration:
1) StiScan Registration will be $25USD
- this will allow me to purchase expensive third party charting and gauge controls to make this the best looking and best functioning datalogger around.
- with registration you will get unlimited future releases.
- if you want a new feature added, this will be added for you with priority.
- you will get emailed latest updates released every week.
- Using this datalogger will allow you to successfully see what your car is doing before and after you use tools such as EcuFlash or Aftermarket Controllers such as SAFC-II to tune your car. And you can save and send your results to your openecu buddies to oggle over, and others with StiScan can even play back your results without being plugged into a car.
- Using the alerting features of StiScan could alert you to a bad tune or bad fuel, i.e Detonation Knock Counts, Temperatures, A/F ratios and potentially saving you your engine.

Supported Operating Systems will be:
Windows XP and Windows Vista

Development will be with..
VB.NET 2005 - MS.NET Framework v2.0

Laptop Requirements: Any that has a USB or ComPort will be fine.

This tool will be able to initialise and read data from Subarus, but I will be making xml configuration files so you can load other cars also. XML file will be something like -> CarModel/ECUSytem/Mode/DataItem/
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Postby salex » Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:12 pm

Very nice! Well done :D
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Postby KanScooby » Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:17 am

Very well down indeed, I have been using it on my JDM 97 Forester STB with the SSMI cable and been able to correct some defects which would otherwise have required replacing components and testing. Also logged some Evos from version 5 to 7 and newer Subarus with the Tactrix Openport 1.3U cable, works like a charm. Datalog speeds with the Mitsubishis are almost realtime too. Definitely worth a try....
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Re: Evoscan

Postby CTLab » Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:55 pm

OpenPort 2 supports or other device is necessary OpenPort 1.3
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Postby Evo4Mad » Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:50 am

other device is necessary OpenPort 1.3
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