Need help and comments on my tune

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Need help and comments on my tune

Postby ECUboy » Sun Jan 21, 2007 3:56 am

I had my 05 WRX recently installed a TD05-18G and tuned using open source. I was disappointed with it's performance, maybe I expect a 18G to do a lot better. Hope to get some expect advise here.

I have attached datalog using superby Log file plotting and map Interpolation by Airboy

This log was done on a 3rd gear pull on flat road. In the log file, my ECU pull timing at 5130rpm which I don't understand why. I also can't determine why I got only average 250g/s.

My tubine was loud too when I decelerate for gear shifting, sounds like surge. I'm running 1.4bar tapper to 1.3bar at redline. BTW full boost comes late too

Kindly comment with your pro advise.

My mod:
98 octane
TD05-18G PnP exhaust housing
7 psi actuator
PnP stock exhaust header
2.5" uppipe,
Gutted stock downpipe
Stock midpipe with rasonator
2.5" semi flow axle back
ebay TMIC
GFB BOV 100% vented to atmosphere
Mod stock 800cc inj
255lph fuel pump
SARD FPR @ 3bar
HKS open pod
JDM 6 speeder with stock 5 speeder flywheel and clutch.

3rd gear pull.xls
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