ECUFlash 1.43.3172 beta can't reopen .bin rom

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ECUFlash 1.43.3172 beta can't reopen .bin rom

Postby Highcam » Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:41 pm

ECUFlash 1.42.3172 beta can't re open a rom image saved as a .bin.

if I open a rom image with a .bin extension then re save it and try to reopen it I get the error "Unknown Rom Image..." (The initial image will still open, but the saved version fails)

This happens with either a newly read rom or an image previously saved with version 1.42 with the .bin extension.

If a successfully opened previous .bin image is first saved with the .hex extension then subsequent re opening is fine.

I know that the original "how to" instructions indicated that images should be saved with a .hex extension, but I have not had this behaviour with previous release versions saving any image with a .bin extension.

It appears that when an initial .bin image is saved for the first time with version 1.43.3172b there is additional data written in the header of the file which prevents the correct xml from being found.

Is this a new "feature" of this version that is meant to occur, or am I the only mug who accidentally saved a file with the .bin extension?
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Re: ECUFlash 1.43.3172 beta can't reopen .bin rom

Postby radsdau » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:30 pm

Haven't come across that one sorry.
Looks like you have found the perfect workaround (i.e., save as hex). :)
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