Cant read ROM from Aus MY06 WRX

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Cant read ROM from Aus MY06 WRX

Postby mikedsilva » Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:08 am

im new to the world of ecuflash...
bought a new tactrix cable....
read some forums and just wanted to try and read the stock ROM for saving in a safe place...

downloaded ecuflash
plug tactric into the OBD port
plug usb into the PC (vista OS)
bottom right hand corner says Open Port 2.0 on COM 5 (whatever that means)
Hit the button to read map and a small box opens up with nothing in it.. all i can do is press the cancel button.

From what I have read, i should connect the green connectors, hit the "read" button, wait for the PC to tell me to turn the key to ignition, then hit OK on the keyboard... but i dont even get the opportunity.

After putting car in test mode, (ignition still off), i hit the button and the small window opens.... after which nothing happens.

what am I doing wrong?
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