EcuFlash v1.35 won't connect to '03 Evo8

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EcuFlash v1.35 won't connect to '03 Evo8

Postby dsm_gsx97 » Mon May 19, 2008 1:59 pm

Still somewhat of a newbie (previous experience is with DSMLink and AEM EMS) but I could not for the life of me read the ECU to get the ROM file off of my buddies Evo8. Everytime I'd select to read the file then selected the ECU type the program would freeze up and peg my laptop with memory usage and would not ever come back. The program from then on would be unresponsive. I uninstalled and reinstalled the OpenPort drivers and also EcuFlash v1.35 several times with no help. Finally I uninstalled everything again and reinstalled v1.34, and now I can read the file just fine. I was able to pull a '05 Saabaru ROM file (WRX that is a Saab) a few days ago with the new EcuFlash v1.35, but can't pull the Evo8 ROM with it. I'm using the cable from Limitless known as the OpenPort 1.3U cable that I bought about a month ago if that matters. I'm running WinXP Pro on a IBM thinkpad 1.2ghz with 512k RAM. Hope this helps someone because it drove me nuts for a little while today. Sorry being new I'm not sure where to report bugs so I posted here and tried to list as much info as I could.
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Postby danl » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:05 pm

The newer versions of ecuflash have a problem accepting the serial number from some cables that Taxtrix sold. The program then pegs the processor if you try to read or write with one of these cables. You need to install ecuflash 1.29 to use any cable unfortunately.
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