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OP 1.3 cable to EVO8 help please

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:22 pm
by supak1111
I connect the 1.3 cable to my Evo8 obd2 port but can NOT get my ECU to talk to ECUflash software. ECUflash software recognizes the cable and the driver because it says FT232R USB UART... at the bottom right of the ECUflash software but when I try to read from ECU I get:

[20:19:51.597] Using interface FT232R USB UART A100OMDJ
[20:19:51.597] interface close
[20:19:51.611] unable to connect to vehicle interface.

On Mitsubishi cars do you just plug the 1.3 cable into OBD2 port and it should work OR is there like a second little connector that needs to be connected someplace?

- I've tried with ignition in ON position
- I've tried with the car RUNNING
- Yes battery is full
- Yes the LED light in my 1.3 cable is on
- This on my MAC, I have also tried on a PC and I've tried older versions of the ECUflash e.g. v1.27, v1.32, v1.42, and v1.43...

Don't know what else to try, starting to think my cable isn't completable as I bought like a knock-off cable form busterfingermotorsports...