PLX WB02 Through EGT

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PLX WB02 Through EGT

Postby JSarv » Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:47 am

Hope this is the right sub-forum. I have been discussing this on Romraider Forum, but was looking for some other input as well.

I have a PLX Wideband I use with my S300 Hondata ECU, which is a simple 12v input to a control box and has a couple of outputs, one for narrowband operation 0-1v and WB02 0-5v. The problem is the only outputs are analog there is no digitial out (no usb) So it must be fed through an ecu.

Another member of RR had an idea of running it through the Unused EGT input (resister right now)

I scaled my EGT Sensor in RR so that Max Temp would be 1525*F at .21V and in 25* Increments I dropped it to 825*F at 4.74V. 1200.1*F being 2.35V or 14.7-1 AFR. I also scaled my CL Delay to <1600*F to check other tables and Above 2231*F to Canel CL Delay.

These values should never be reached. I also defeated my CELS and my Failsafe EGT to 2231*F.

I don't know how to post up screen shots of RR but, in theory, since the PLX uses a switched 12v inlet (anything that is switched from the battery) and has a strict 0-5v output, which is similar to the EGT input would this work?!

Could I use a simple conversion to dial in my EGT without having to purchase a LC-1 to use just with RR?

Any input would be much appreciated!!!

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