Article - Development of Reprogramming Unit by CAN Protocol

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Article - Development of Reprogramming Unit by CAN Protocol

Postby Jon [in CT] » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:42 pm

Here's the abstract of a Subaru technical article found at
Development of Reprogramming Unit by CAN Protocol

Accession number;05A0579999
Title;Development of Reprogramming Unit by CAN Protocol
Author;HIRAGURI YASUKO(Fuji Heavy Ind. Ltd.)
Journal Title;Subaru Technical Review
Journal Code:G0521B
Figure&Table&Reference;FIG.2, TBL.1
Pub. Country;Japan
Abstract;Speeding up the reprogramming of control unit's flash ROM is possible by utilizing CAN communication system, which usually sends and receives vehicle data, and the connection of external tools. I have considered an optimum reprogramming procedure that has no effect on other units connected to vehicle LAN, which is always monitored, sends and receives data. (author abst.)
I wish I knew how to access the article and read Japanese. Maybe someone reading this can do those things and post an English version of that article here.
Jon [in CT]
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Postby C6ect.ect » Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:40 pm

You must first pay a membership to read most abstracts like does, even though I didn't see the opportunity.

Converting text to english can easily be done in MSWord with a good degree of success but first we must figure out how to get access to the abstract.

If you can get that far I'm sure some donations can buy you a membership.

My main fear with CAN combined with future legislation (cafe) is the govt giving us a wireless reflash back to stock once changed
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Postby Ziggyrama » Wed Feb 13, 2008 9:16 am

I know Colby was pondering in the past whether to include CAN based solution into EcuFlash or not. Did anything ever become of that? Adding CAN based stuff would greatly expand the breadth of this project and would possibly allow for other vehicle support. Anything new on that?
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