non-protocol CAN logging with stand-alone-logger

non-protocol CAN logging with stand-alone-logger

Postby Jochen_145 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:03 am


I know, stand-alone-logger is able to sniff a CAN-Bus and use protocoll based logging via CAN-bus.

I wounder, if it is possible to log standart (non protocoll) values with the Tactrix-stand-alone logger ?
I found some scrates, where the OP2.0 is use for CAN-bus siffing, but I like to log values direct form CAN bus..

I know boudrate, ID position in ID, factor and offset.
But how to tell stand-alone-logger to log this values?

Is it possible to bend one of the sample to log simple CAN, without OBD, Subaru or what ever protocoll ?

Like to see some sample, if possible

I like to something in a shape of

Code: Select all
type = can
baudrate = 500000

paramname = RPM           
paramid = 0x280
format = intel
startbit = 0         
databits = 16           
scalingrpn = x,0.25,*

Maybe some easy lines for Colby to add this functionallity on Interface-Code ?

BR Jochen
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