Mode22 OBD-Logging ishues

Mode22 OBD-Logging ishues

Postby Jochen_145 » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:32 am


newer subaru Diesel and petrol using SSMviaCAN as well as OBD-Mode22 für logging:

Subaru Diesel Crew provides some information about this.

Logging "normal" PIDs works quite good, but if I configure "switches" (PID 125B e.g.) stand-alone logger will not work.
No matter, if this PID is part of a config or single value logged.
Also interperating PID 125B as a normal value (should provide 0 or 255), will not help.

Any ishues about this ?

Next point:

logging 16bit value will not match with the formular, SDC provides.
How to chance high byte first, low byte frist interpretation of raw data ?

Thanks for help !

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Re: Mode22 OBD-Logging ishues

Postby Jochen_145 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:51 am

Solved most of the problems meentime :)

Importents point of all: stand-alone-logger stop logging emediantly, if requested value is not awailible on CAN..

Stand-alone-logger uses single value poll, so sampling rate is not very fast.
Is there any chance to use DAQ-list of all requested values and increase sample rate ?

Subarus SSM-IV logs "all" awailible values (90 values and 44 switches) of EURO5 Diesels via DAQ-Lists and get sample rats of 300ms for all.
So a DAQ-List of 20 values can go in about 50ms or less
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