AEM UEGO inline standalone logging

AEM UEGO inline standalone logging

Postby fenix-silver » Wed May 21, 2014 6:03 am

This applies specifically to the AEM UEGO inline WB, but can be modified for any WB controller that provides a serial output. The newer versions of the AEM UEGO inline provide a 19200 baud serial signal as opposed to the other ones that use 9600, so the default settings in the config file for standalone logging need to be changed to:
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; 0=none,1=odd,2=even
; databits is not currently set-able (locked at 8)
paramname = AFR
paramid = 1
scalingrpn = x,14.7,* ; converts the Lambda value to gasoline AFR

This code may need to be at the very top of the config file to take effect. I don't believe the ASCII config settings are documented anywhere, so I wanted to provide them after contacting Colby for help.

As far as connecting the UEGO to the 2.5 stereo jack on the OP 2.0, wire the ground to the sleeve of a stereo jack and the serial wire to the ring (middle) of the jack. The tip is not connected and would be used to wire in an analog signal for logging. Logging the analog signal would be done with:
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type=adc    ; log from built in ADC channels

You would then have to scale the value as appropriate for your WB. I have not tested analog logging, but it should work based on what I have read.

I hope this helps some people like me who have searched all over the place looking for this info.
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