Prepping a stand-alone file for a tuner

Prepping a stand-alone file for a tuner

Postby PollieXmas » Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:10 am

Hi All

I hope there is someone here that can help me...

I started with Jason Hunter's script to create the stand-alone LogCfg.txt file which was working fine (for my own purposes). I also managed to configure it so I can use the defogger to trigger logging.

My tuner is either not interested in or does not understand how to help me figure it out how the make the logs usable for him. And as many of you know it is much safer and more practical doing stand-alone logging.

What I have been trying to do is reformat the Stand alone logs to resemble a RomRaider log.

By removing the sample column and reformatted the time column from seconds.miliseconds to either milliseconds or hh:mm:ss.sss. He is able to read and use the logs, bar the two parameters which he reckons are not correct.

My tuner has now asked me to log quite a number of extra parameters causing me to run into memory issues on the ODB2.0 logger which is preventing logging. So I had to revert to using the parameter codes in the LogCfg.txt file instead of the parameter labels, i.e.

;P2 - Coolant Temperature (C)
paramname = P2
paramid = 0x000008
scalingrpn = x,40,-

instead of

;P2 - Coolant Temperature (C)
paramname = Coolant_Temperature(C)
paramid = 0x000008
scalingrpn = x,40,-

So my question is can the tuning software you guys use open logs where the header of the log file contains the parameter codes i.s.o. the parameter names?

I.e. A header like this,
time,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9,P10,P11,P12,P13,P18,P23,P30,P48,P49,P58,P59,P90,P91,P122,P200,P201 stead of this,
time,Coolant Temperature (C),A/F Correction #1 (%),A/F Learning #1 (%),A/F Correction #2 (%),A/F Learning #2 (%),Manifold Absolute Pressure (psi),Engine Speed (rpm),Vehicle Speed (km/h),Ignition Total Timing (degrees),Intake Air Temperature (C),Mass Airflow (g/s),Throttle Opening Angle (%),Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage (V),Knock Correction Advance (degrees),Accelerator Pedal Angle (%),Intake VVT Advance Angle Right (degrees),Intake VVT Advance Angle Left (degrees),A/F Sensor #1 (AFR),A/F Sensor #2 (AFR),IAM (multiplier),Fine Learning Knock Correction (degrees),Oil Temperature (C),Engine Load (Calculated) (g/rev),Injector Duty Cycle (%)

I have written some code to fix the Tactrix logs so it resembles a RomRaider log but of course first prize would be to not to have to make any changes to the file.

However, there does not seem to be a way to specify whether the sample column is required as well as being able to alter the formatting of the time column.

Anybody here got a solution for this or do I simply need to upgrade my ODB 2.0 firmware?


Ps. the details of my Tactrix logger is as follows

firmware version is: 1.16.4769
the following general options are set:
* interpolate missing samples
* zero sample count at start of each file

channel type: ssmcan
protocol id: 6
baud: 500000
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