Unknown 2g or EVO 6 ECU / MD346010

Unknown 2g or EVO 6 ECU / MD346010

Postby musicmze » Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:50 am


i´m Martin from Germany. Got a black ECU from a friend for my 4g63t Lancer (1g base)
He said, it´s an EVO 8 ECU, but it isn´t. With the number: MD346010 I found some threads for 2g Eclipse. So i wired a 1g to 2g patch.

But... I can´t flash it with 2g software!
So I opened it und found a 7202f chip inside. In ECUflash I tried several roms and only an EVO 6 standard rom worked with EVO 6 Car selected.

But now i don´t know, if the wiring is correct. Should I wire 1g to 2g or 1g to EVO 6??

Thanks for your help
cheers Martin
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