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Subaru Legacy 2.0D 2015 - Euro6

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:11 pm
by macadam
Here are two softwares read by latest Kess2-protocol for Euro6 Subaru Diesel Denso;

JB4I103B and JB4J102Bm both Subaru Legacy 2.0D Euro6 2015 ... xZrua?dl=0

Re: Subaru Legacy 2.0D 2015 - Euro6

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:22 am
by Jochen_145
Good to know :)

We have allready a few info about EURO6 ECU:

There are PAK-Files MY2016 EURO6 en crypted and sent to Tactrix.
Controler is a Renesas SH7254. File size incl. kernal is 2048kB.
Checksumms are "normal" denso checksum.
To read measurement values, you need OBD Mode 0x22. PIDs are the same like EURO5 SSM-IV ones. Of cause there are additional one, because of new sensors ..

The kess-file is too big, but sets a lot of "0" at the end, so you can decrease the size of the encrybted PAK without any loose of information.

Here in europe we have allready a E6 ECU for benech-test.

Subarus flash-and-wirte do wirte the PAK-files, without any up-date AFAIK, so it is not im-possible, that only storrage area has chanced. Seed-and-key seems to be the same, like in all diesel dumps.

All info are allready at tactrix, so it up to them, to go-one or send any test-software..

Are you able to sniff the CAN-bus while reading or flashing a EURO6 ECU ?


Re: Subaru Legacy 2.0D 2015 - Euro6

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:22 am
by Jochen_145
Just do a short test:
trying to read E6 ECU with E5 functionality:

of cause ECUFlash is not able to:
Seed-and-key callenge does not start (!). ECU is deny the request of seed...

ECUFlash error:
Code: Select all
[12:04:05.339] using metadata XML ID read_subarush7059cand from file C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenECU/EcuFlash/rommetadata/read templates/read_subarush7059cand.xml
[12:04:05.355] J2534 API Version: 04.04
[12:04:05.355] J2534 DLL Version: 1.02.4798 Jun 13 2016 17:17:10
[12:04:05.355] Device Firmware Version: 1.16.4769
[12:04:05.355] Device Serial Number: TA*1AJ8p
[12:04:07.002] kernel get version
[12:04:07.205] VIN : xxxxxxx
[12:04:07.641] CVN : xxxxxx
[12:04:07.641] Requesting Seed...
[12:04:07.641] interface close
[12:04:07.641] interface close

CAN communication:
Code: Select all
/* enable mode 0x27
w: 02 10 03
r: 02 50 03
/* requesting security access
w: 02 27 01
r: 03 7F 27 12 -> denied

@ Colby:
what is the error message of the ECU ?
May there is "only" a change of the request of the seed-and-key ?

Hope , you will start investigation the EURO6 ECU and the read- and wirte functionallity for ECUFalsh !

BR Jochen