help regarding AFR, EGT, OLCL

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help regarding AFR, EGT, OLCL

Postby tonyhawk2004 » Fri Apr 15, 2011 1:42 am

my A/F Sensor #1 Current (mA) reads 0 throughout the journey, with A/F Sensor #1 (AFR) stay constant at 14.7, and A/F Sensor #1 (Direct)* (AFR) stay at 14.71 through.
my Mass Airflow (g/s) is between 2 to 17 range, but i have seen others with over 100 g/s. why is this happening?
my Exhaust Gas Temperature (C) stays at 365degree all the way.
my CL/OL Fueling* (status) is at 7 all the way.
may i know whats happening and why ? pls help. thanks!
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