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KWP 2000 - FTDI

Postby Finaldragon2 » Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:41 am

Hey guys!

I bought a USB OBD2 Cable it has a FTDI Chip.

I started to create a C# App.. Using the FTDI Driver (Found a C# Wrapper)..

My Car is a Seat Leon P1 1.9 TDI.. I found on google, that it support Protocol KWP 2000.

So that's what i got so far:
Sent: 0x33 via 5Baud
Got: 00 00 00
Sent: C1 33 F1 81 66
Got: 55 E9 8F C1 33 F1 81 66
Here it's KWP 2000, 55 and then KB1 and KB2 and the echo.
Sent: C1 33 F1 70 55
Here I send the inverse of KB2 like i found on Internet..
Got: C1 33 F1 70 55
But suddenly I only get a echo..

Maybe you have an Idea what I'm doing wrong..
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