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Computer sees Open port 2.0 but not ECU

PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2010 2:23 pm
by Dirty_Impreza
Well i have a 02 WRX with a XPT 91Oct map. Ive been logging my car both pre flash and post. I flashed my car about 2 months ago have been watching and monitoing data, also trying to hunt down this elusive vacuum leak. But just recently ive been having trouble getting my car to read my ECU. It might work some times first try it might not work at all some times. When i do get it to work i noticed, out of no where i get a message where it would say sending info to ECU. It says "Invalid header" and some thing like 80 actual 00. Ive uninstalled my tactrix and ecuflash,re downloaded,and reinstalled both programs and driver then it would work for about 1 min and BAM "invalid header" message again has anyone had this happen to them im stumped maybe you guy got some good advice. Ive checked all my fuses , the OP light up when the cable imst pluged in so i know it getting power and my comp see and recognizes it so whats the deal.