Weird readings from front AF sensor

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Weird readings from front AF sensor

Postby dimin » Fri Jul 10, 2009 4:31 am

So ive started getting into the open source tuning, al going well. Only issue is after i installed my LC1 wideband it is showing a reading lower than the stock AF sensor ? At cruise the wideband shows 13.6-.7 ish but the stock one thinks its at 14.7. The car seems to use alot of gas even at cruise so is it possible its buggered and reading leaner, thus making the ECU dump fuel in ? Im sure the wideband is reading fine, ive calibrated it 3 times to be sure and its exactly the same every time, and it reads down into the 9:1 range at higher rpm on boost, which is about right for the factory over rich tune. Do the subaru a/f sensors do this when they start to die or is somethin else causing the weird readings ? Also the wideband is downstream from the factory one.
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