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Another bricked ECU? "programming voltage is out of range!"

PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:01 pm
by Nexeo
I'm see plenty of these SOS messages, hopefully someone at here has some wisdom to help me in my situation.
I experienced some difficulty in flashing a map to a 2003 WRX with the latest version of ECUFlash and firmware on a Tactrix OpenPort 2.0.

Device Firmware Version: 1.15.4126
EcuFlash Version: 1.44.4247
J2534 API Version: 04.04
J2534 DLL Version: 1.01.4247 Apr 18 2014 16:14:37

While attempting to write (note: test writes were all successful) ECUFlash would present an error saying the programming voltage was out of range, at 13.02v (sometimes 13.04v). I found that many ECUFlash/OpenPort 2 users resolved this issue with the introduction of draw on the battery by turning on the brights and trying to flash until the OpenPort read a low enough voltage. I had this same experience 2 weeks ago on a 2004 WRX and this resolved the problem, the map flashed, and the car is running great. Trying this solution did not work on the 2003 WRX however, when the OpenPort voltage reading got low enough for ECUFlash to write, the multimeter had a reading of less than 10v on the battery and mid-flash the car died with ECUFlash repeatedly displaying "read failed" until the "***DO NOT TURN IGNITION OFF***" dialog popped up and said to retry the flash immediately without turning the ignition off.

The car was parked next to another, so without touching anything in the 2003 WRX, I hooked jumper cables up to another car's battery and attempted the flash again. ECUFlash can still communicate with the ECU but I'm back to the point where I'm getting the "programming voltage out of range" error with a reading of ~13.04v again. When ECUFlash does the map compare before attempting to write and before displaying the voltage error, it shows that all of the CRCs with the exception of 3 all match. (See log paste below).

I'm petrified of turning the ignition off, trying to put draw on the battery again, disconnecting the test connectors or flash block, or disconnecting the OpenPort for fear of bricking the ECU. Right now the car is sitting in my garage with the ignition in the on position, a trickle charger hooked up to the car in "maintain" mode at 3A to prevent the battery from dying again, and my laptop hooked up with sleep mode disabled and ECUFlash open, all to prevent the connection from being lost. It has been sitting this way for 18+ hrs now...

As far as the original voltage issue, I've tried 3 different OpenPort 2 devices, and 3 different laptops...

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can successfully finish flashing this map to this vehicle under these conditions?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

ECUFlash Log:
Code: Select all
[14:15:58.348] EcuFlash Version 1.44.4247
[14:15:58.349] OS Version Windows 7
[14:15:58.349] Qt Version 5.2.0
[14:15:58.355] 67 memory models read.
[14:15:58.355] scanning for metadata models in C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenECU/EcuFlash/rommetadata
[14:15:58.455] 670 ROM metadata models scanned.
[14:15:58.455] checksum module "subarudbw" loaded.
[14:15:58.455] checksum module "subarudiesel" loaded.
[14:15:58.455] checksum module "mitsucan" loaded.
[14:15:58.455] checksum module "mitsuh8" loaded.
[14:15:58.455] patch module "Subaru CAN Enhanced RAM Parameter Logging" loaded.
[14:15:58.455] patch module "Mitsu CAN RAM Parameter Logging" loaded.
[14:15:58.458] using metadata XML ID read_wrx02 from file C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenECU/EcuFlash/rommetadata/read templates/read_wrx02.xml
[14:15:58.463] flashing tool "wrx02" loaded.
[14:15:58.465] flashing tool "wrx04" loaded.
[14:15:58.467] flashing tool "sti04" loaded.
[14:15:58.470] flashing tool "sti05" loaded.
[14:15:58.470] flashing tool "mitsukernel" loaded.
[14:15:58.470] flashing tool "mitsukernelocp" loaded.
[14:15:58.470] flashing tool "mitsubootloader" loaded.
[14:15:58.470] flashing tool "shbootmode" loaded.
[14:15:58.470] flashing tool "shaudmode" loaded.
[14:15:58.472] flashing tool "subarucan" loaded.
[14:15:58.475] flashing tool "subarucand" loaded.
[14:15:58.477] flashing tool "subarubrz" loaded.
[14:15:58.479] flashing tool "mitsucan" loaded.
[14:16:05.548] opening rom file C:/Users/Robert/Desktop/Britneys WRX/rbonestell-Britney-02WRX-Stage2+EBCS-Perrin-REV1.hex
[14:16:05.618] A4SGC00C (346 tables) inheriting 16BITBASE (561 tables)
[14:16:05.641] 163840 byte image read.
[14:16:05.641] using metadata XML ID A4SGC00C from file C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenECU/EcuFlash/rommetadata/subaru/Impreza WRX/A4SGC00C.xml
                which inherits XML ID 16BITBASE from file C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenECU/EcuFlash/rommetadata/subaru/Bases/16BITBASE.xml
[14:16:14.804] J2534 API Version: 04.04
[14:16:14.804] J2534 DLL Version: 1.01.4247 Apr 18 2014 16:14:37
[14:16:14.804] Device Firmware Version: 1.15.4126
[14:16:14.804] Device Serial Number: TAnjRRj9
[14:16:17.192] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[14:16:18.411] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[14:16:19.629] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[14:16:20.848] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[14:16:22.066] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[14:16:22.474] kernel get version
[14:16:22.489] found oecu kernel!
[14:16:22.489] kernel already resident - skipping kernel load
[14:16:22.689] kernel get version
[14:16:22.704] kernel version is : OpenECU Subaru HC16 Kernel V1.06
[14:16:22.704] reading kernel comm buffer size
[14:16:22.711] comm buffer size set to 512
[14:16:22.711] reading kernel flash buffer size
[14:16:22.718] flash buffer size set to 4096
[14:16:22.718] -- flashing image to ECU memory --
[14:16:23.118] -- comparing ECU flash memory pages to image file --
[14:16:23.118] seg  start    len        ecu CRC32    img CRC32  same?
[14:16:23.436] FB01 00000000 00003FFF   3BC965B3     2B05FA58      NO
[14:16:23.754] FB02 00004000 00003FFF   E0C5A9B1     0A9C0DFA      NO
[14:16:24.074] FB03 00008000 00003FFF   6A995ED6     742761E4      NO
[14:16:24.393] FB04 0000C000 00003FFF   271D2CB6     271D2CB6     YES
[14:16:24.711] FB05 00010000 00003FFF   D9641BC8     D9641BC8     YES
[14:16:25.030] FB06 00014000 00003FFF   E222765B     E222765B     YES
[14:16:25.348] FB07 00018000 00003FFF   9B9FCA98     9B9FCA98     YES
[14:16:25.666] FB08 0001C000 00003FFF   A54134C1     A54134C1     YES
[14:16:25.984] FB09 00028000 00003FFF   E60025E8     E60025E8     YES
[14:16:26.303] FB10 0002C000 00003FFF   DE5E9FB7     DE5E9FB7     YES
[14:16:26.615] reading ecu programming voltage
[14:16:26.623] programming voltage is 13.02 volts
[14:16:26.623] programming voltage is out of range!
[14:16:26.623] interface close
[14:16:26.634] interface close

Re: Another bricked ECU? "programming voltage is out of rang

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:42 am
by Nexeo
I'm overwhelmingly relieved to report that the map finally successfully flashed to the car. I didn't change anything specifically, I stopped trying to draw on the battery and just kept trying to flash. As the voltage varied between 13.0 and 13.12, eventually it just flashed.

I wish I knew what caused the OP2/ECUFlash to read a high voltage, but I'm just happy it finally flashed and didn't brick! :D