Impreza voltage high

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Impreza voltage high

Postby Chris250 » Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:07 am

trying to upload a map to an impreza, the test write works fine but the actual write keeps returning this

[14:58:02.656] J2534 API Version: 04.04
[14:58:02.656] J2534 DLL Version: 1.00.3147 Sep 3 2010 00:11:07
[14:58:02.656] Device Firmware Version: 1.11.3137
[14:58:02.656] Device Serial Number: TAyuJy5H
[14:58:06.485] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[14:58:06.797] writing kernel area addr: 020000 len: 0664
[14:58:08.716] kernel get version
[14:58:08.732] kernel version is : OpenECU Subaru HC16 Kernel V1.06
[14:58:08.732] reading kernel comm buffer size
[14:58:08.732] comm buffer size set to 512
[14:58:08.732] reading kernel flash buffer size
[14:58:08.747] flash buffer size set to 4096
[14:58:08.747] -- flashing image to ECU memory --
[14:58:09.153] -- comparing ECU flash memory pages to image file --
[14:58:09.153] seg start len ecu CRC32 img CRC32 same?
[14:58:09.465] FB01 00000000 00004000 D69F0A26 D69F0A26 YES
[14:58:09.792] FB02 00004000 00004000 3378C247 3378C247 YES
[14:58:10.104] FB03 00008000 00004000 F4925B02 F4925B02 YES
[14:58:10.432] FB04 0000C000 00004000 4063B3E7 4063B3E7 YES
[14:58:10.744] FB05 00010000 00004000 F11B88EA F11B88EA YES
[14:58:11.072] FB06 00014000 00004000 82E63110 82E63110 YES
[14:58:11.384] FB07 00018000 00004000 A85628EC A85628EC YES
[14:58:11.711] FB08 0001C000 00004000 AF3BF387 AF3BF387 YES
[14:58:12.023] FB09 00028000 00004000 FB8FFDD1 FB8FFDD1 YES
[14:58:12.351] FB10 0002C000 00004000 97E32A86 87462D10 NO
[14:58:12.678] reading ecu programming voltage
[14:58:12.678] programming voltage is 12.62 volts
[14:58:12.678] programming voltage is out of range!
[14:58:12.678] interface close
[14:58:12.710] interface close

has anyone worked out how to get this sorted without leaving the lights on etc?
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Re: Impreza voltage high

Postby Chris250 » Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:22 am

I am able to write using ecuEdit, just not EcuFlash and i need it to be EcuFlash to upload a patch for launch control.

I have tried leaving the lights on and working the windows when attempting to write now and no luck
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Re: Impreza voltage high

Postby radsdau » Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:12 pm

12.62V is only just beyond the allowable range IIRC... put a small diode (1n4148 or 1n914 etc) inline with the 12V wire (anode to cable, cathode to car). That will drop it by about the right amount.
Not the most elegant solution, but it should work.
Ideally you'd also decouple the ECU side of the diode to ground (OBDII connector ground) with a capacitor; 10uF 25V should be plenty. This should make the 'new' 12V a little more robust.
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