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ECU definitions help please

Postby my0six » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:42 pm

Hello, I've been trying all sorts of forums with this issue and nobody can help me.

I have an ADM MY06 WRX, and am seeking ECU definitions for it, but I cannot find anywhere to download these!!!

I have been on the page that Romraider sends me to when I open it: however I cannot either see my model, or find any links to download these definitions. All of the models listed are in black text, not blue, so they are not links, but just text.
I know I'm obviously missing something very simple here and all the tuners out there will find this quite amusing, but I am seriously losing the plot here, AARGH
Down the bottom of the above posted link, there is another link: which lists the definitions: 06 A8DH200O (MT)*, A8DH200U (MT)* under the "ADM" models, but these too are just plain black text. At least on this page there do appear to be some that are blue text, which when you scroll your mouse over, turn orange and bring up the little hand that comes up when you can click on a link...

Somebody please point me in the right direction???
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