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EDM Forester MY03 2.0 XT - ROMS/HEX

Postby yallahyimshi » Wed May 12, 2010 9:53 am

Hi there!

I am searching for a map for my Forester! I got it tuned by a tuner here in austria, but now i am experiencing problems with the tune! Since i saw what software he is using, and he not able to get rid of my problem, i thought i´ll try it here ;)

I am looking for maps/roms fo the above mentioned forester. I do have the original rom, what i am looking for are tuned ones to compare to mine. i found several tuned maps of other MY and USDM/JDM builds...

hardware changes are:

3" turboback catless exhaustsystem
3" catless aerys uppipe

problem is a "wavelike" acceleration in 4th and 5th gear when you floor the pedal! Car acts like... gas - no gas- gas - no gas - OR boost - no boost- boost - no boost

thank you guys!

PS: i will try to get the map from my tuner so maybe i can upload certain tables
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