I need documents about ECU

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I need documents about ECU

Postby clopex » Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:21 am

Hello to everyone,

I search on google about ECU and find this forum and register in hope that u guys will help me.

Im student in Faculty of Electrical Engineering and i have for final exam or graduate work subject "ECU", i was try find on google all about ECU but that is not enough. I need a complete Architecture about ECU, Data Speed Transfer, LifeTime and what happens when lifetime is over, bandwidth instruction, latency, how to programing ECU, parallelism etc.

Can some1 help me? Every pdf, documents, web page is welcome


Sorry for my bad english :)
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Re: I need documents about ECU

Postby hpd_wally » Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:32 am

Every piece of hardware is different, from car to car.

It sounds like you have a lot to catch up on, and each manufacture has their own methods of determine engine position, sequencing ignition and fuel injection.

A good bit of hardware to look at is on the freescale website, and the MPC55xx series, paying attention to the ETPU Core, and their automotive app notes.

A lot of these units only need to run ~ 40-100 MHz, because most of the peripherals run on sub systems, that do not require cpu intervention (I.E. Can bus drivers, PWM drivers, DMA transfer, external flash, spi bus communication).
On the MPC5566, you can run a rtos on the main cpu, and the angle system in parrallel on the ETPU core, thus ensuring proper calculation of fuel needed, and delivery the control through a separate linked core.

The more important issues is the angle based system, and detecting crank and crank patterns, and ensuring proper timed delivery of fuel and spark.

Most flash chips that are on board are cycle tested for 100,000 Write cycle, that has become fairly standard. No one is going to willingly give up a complete ECU architecture. But I challenge you to be pragmatic in your approach and actually imagine how someone would transform and 0-5 logic signal and make its way through some extra component to drive an inductive coil, or a 10 ohm fuel injector.

As a graduate student, please think on how you can actually contribute to the technology, rather than wasting time and reciting what is currently being done, and have been repeated over and over again for the last few decads
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