Unable to reflash my ECU (4G93 GDI Turbo)

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Unable to reflash my ECU (4G93 GDI Turbo)

Postby Sleepyzzz » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:27 pm

Dear all,

I'm driving a 4G93T GDI and recently purchased the OP2 cable.

The ECUFLASH program was able to read my ECU. However, as expected, it said that I do not have the xml def file. Have tried finding it in the internet but can't find.

In addition, it also said that my ECU is unable to be reflashed. Has any1 here encountered this issue? Locally, I know that some drivers went to a particular tuner and got their ECU reflashed (at a high fee of course!).

How should I move on from here?
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