Connection issues on several cars

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Connection issues on several cars

Postby espen22 » Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:43 am


I have the tactrix cable v2.0 and i am trying to hook it up on several cars without luck.
I am using scan xl pro, and the cars i cannot connect to so far is :

toyota landcruiser 2006
toyota rav 4 2003
bmw 730 2004
fiat ducato 2006 mod.

it also dont work on any of the vag cars i have tried, but i use vag com on them so thats not a problem. same for opel, as i have op com too.
Scan XL works alot better with an ELM327 cable
this is the answer i got from ppe support :

The Tactrix was not designed to connect to every vehicle, it has the
hardware to do it, but the firmware was never updated to do it. An ELM327
cable will connect to more vehicles than a Tactrix can.

So is there a change that the firmware will be updated?

Maybe we can start a donation for this work to tactrix developers if its about the money :)
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