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broken 2.0

Postby poohbear » Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:11 am

I was using my open port 2.0 cable on an 06 sti... I pulled learning view just fine... I went to test flash and my cable stopped working... It wasnt bumped or jarred or hit, it just stopped working... My laptop was giving me an error that read "windows cannot recognize device" ... the cable didnt work using another latptop my friend had and wouldnt work on other cars... We had a second cable (my freinds) thankfully to finish the stage 2 on the sti...

My question is what happened to my cable?!?!? lol... It just up and went on strike against me... have you guys heard of cables just fizzling out?

I have read some people having luck with tactrix doing repairs on the cables but i have emailed and attempted to call with no luck at all... :( ... Im getting a little frustrated and I want to know why the cable I spent $200 on just up and stopped working... And why Tactrix wont return my emails or VM's
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Re: broken 2.0

Postby radsdau » Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:39 pm

Wow, that is indeed a bit of bad luck, sorry to hear.
I'd not normally suggest this but because you're having no luck from Tactrix support, I'd be opening up the box and checking for dodgy soldering. There's no guarantee this will be it, but if it is soldering, it's relatively easy to fix yourself (or by your technician friend in exchange for a few beers!).
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