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open port 1.3s

Postby ptharris » Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:50 pm

Hi guys

I purchased a 2nd hand open port 1.3, I was lead to believe it was a 1.3u, it came in packaging from tuner tools the packaging also said it was a 1.3u (it was not purchased from USA, I bought it from a guy here in New Zealand)

I plugged it in and it installed fine, how ever it shows up as a 1.3 Subaru with the serial number following it, it flashes and logs fine on my JDM 02 STI

If you look at the back of the OBD II plug (on the OP 1.3) where the usb cable is wired in, you can clearly see a wire that is cut, is this the wire that would normally go to the Mitsi reflash connector, can i open it up and add the single wire and connector so I can tune my mates evo with it or is the internals different on the 1.3S cable

Cheer phil
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