Tactrix cable with PCMCIA USB adapter?

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Tactrix cable with PCMCIA USB adapter?

Postby ahains » Sat Jul 30, 2005 6:44 am

I have an old 486-25 laptop that I have used for datalogging on other cars, but it of course does not have a USB port.

Is there any reason why I should not be able to buy a simple PCMCIA USB card and be able to use the tactrix cable with it?
I'm just not sure if whatever latency is there would be a problem..

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Postby cboles » Sat Jul 30, 2005 8:20 am

latencies on the ISO side would not be that important. As long as the laptop can keep up with USB (that is the PCMCIA works with with USB devices in general on your 486/25), you should be OK.
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Postby bofh » Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:34 am

More important is the OS. If you are on 98, it has poor USB support, so you may have issues. If you have XP on that thing, I want what your smoking. :D
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