Kawasaki KDS Protocol

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Kawasaki KDS Protocol

Postby phophollety » Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:29 pm


I'm trying to find some information about the Kawasaki Diagnostic Protocol (KDS: Kawasaki Diagnostic Information).

Until now I've got the information that Kawasaki bikes with Fuel Injection has two types of connectors:

4 pins, wich has 2 communications line, goes straigt to the ECU, sometimes one of this line is used for the Self Diag, blinking coded through the EFI Lamp when shorted to ground. The other two pins are GND and ACC. When the igntion is on you got battery voltage.

Other option is a 6 pin connector, where the extra 2 pin are used for ABS equipped bikes.

Diagnostic is performed via the KDS interface + software, the version 2 (up to 2007) has RS-232 communication to the PC and Version 3 (after 2007) is USB.

Does anyone knows the protocol? I was thinking about KWP2000 since there are two comm lines to the ECU and the sitting voltage remains ISO9141 physical layer.

I do not has the KDS to reverse engineer so any information is helpful.

I'm trying to make a custom coolant temperature monitor via the diag connector.

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