subaru wiring question

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subaru wiring question

Postby steph z-24 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 3:03 pm

Hello all i am in the process of installing a 2.oL wrx engine that i tough was JDM but look like it might be for the UK, it as avcs and TGV and is form either 2003 or 2004

the ECU look like it ia AH750 but the 5 could also be a 3 or 9 ( the label is scratched)

I have the ecu pin out from the Jdm V7 and V8 engine everything looks to be the same for the AH750 but i am not sure about two wire.

they are #5 and #18 on the B134 (22 pin) connector at the ECU, can anybody confirm there function for that ecu or anybody have a uk 2003 wrx engine wiring diagram or ecu pin out ?

I don't what to short the ECU as this might be hard to find !

steph z-24
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