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Readback Fail using Tactrix 1.3 Cable on MY2004 USDM STI

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:05 pm
by agryguc
Can anyone shed some light on why my Tactrix 1.3 cable no longer is connecting to my 2004 USDM STI? Readback fail when reading rom image using ECU Flash

No response when reading with learning view....

I have tried 3 different laptops, the com port is being recognized properly on all of them. I havent had another tactrix cable to try yet, so that could still be an issue.

The symptoms prior to the issue was that it only partially read the data for Learning View before crashing (i.e. it would communicate fine, then upon another query, it would only partially readback the data for learning view, then no connection after that whatsoever).

Generic OBD2 readers work and communicate without issues....