24Hours Tuning File Service online!!

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24Hours Tuning File Service online!!

Postby denny » Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:34 pm

tuningFiles is supplier of high quality custom remapped tuning software files for almost all the popular petrol and diesel vehicles.

tuningFiles has its own department for continious product development. We supplie custom remapped files For Cars-trucks-Bikes-Marine Petrol & Diesel engines.

good experiance with Mitsubishi,Subaru,Nissan,Toyota,Mazda engines
if you need support, please contact us


Tuning Files service Online..

24/7 Tuning File support

email: info@s-chip.nl

skype: denny.schip
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Re: 24Hours Tuning File Service online!!

Postby denny » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:22 am

S-chip Automotive Software Technic


S-CHIP AST is your global source for professional tuning, so If you are
looking for tuningfiles or equipment for tuning
Cars,Truck,Motorbikes,Tracktor you have come to the right place. S-CHIP
AST are assisting dealers around the world with help and knowledge as long
as tuningfiles and equipment, for tuning cars.


S-chip AST is one of the largest providers of car tuning, and have a
worldwide partner network ready to serve you. If you are an end customer
that just like to get your car tuned by one of our partners, we recommand
you to go to this site: www.s-chip.nl

Or if you like further information, you can contact us HERE.

Our partners will assist you with some of the safest and best performing
quality tuning in the market.

In addition to our core business, software upgrades of your engines
control unit, many of our partners also offer other tuning parts, styling,
wheels, workshop and aftermarket cars for sale.


Option 1

- Download/read out the original file from the car.
From this website, click on "Upload Files" and you will be directed to the
databank site.
Log in on the databank site, and upload your original file.
If we have an exact match to your original file, you will get a list of
available options for you to buy directly.
If we do not have a match online, we will still be able to make you the
file, please follow the steps to upload your file. We will then within an
hour make you the new file for you to download.
You will be notified both by email and SMS when the file is ready, and
your will not pay anything before you download the new file.

Option 2

- If you have not downloaded the original file from the car, but you have
identified the ECU data.
From this website, click on "Upload Files" and you will be directed to the
databank site.
Normal info that you will need is one or more of the following: ECU
Partnumber, ECU HW Number, ECU SW Number or ECU SW Code. On the top right
corner of the site you will find our search tool. You can search for any
information you may have, just insert a space between the search words. If
you then find your file, you can buy and download the file directly. If
you can't find you files, please download/read out the file from the car,
and follow Option 1 above.


Tuning files for more engine power and torque (petrol and Diesel) DPF,
FAP removing for diesel engines
EGR removing
Lambda,O2 sensor OFF
Upgrade for bigger Turbo etc.
DTC removing


This kit contains:
TuningTool Hardware
Power adapter
USB cable
144300KCAN (OBD cable)
144300K201 (Universal 5-wire cable for non standard obd)
14P600KCK4 (K4 25pin Bootloader cable)

Our recommendation is to purchase an power supply too, because stable
voltage can prevent flashing troubles.

It is required to purchase required protocol depending on type of vehicles
you want to tune. For some specific models or vehicle types you will have
to purchase coresponding cable set.

Tuning tool in our STARTER Tuning Kit is for OBD programming only.

OBD is the vehicles's diagnostic plug and OBD is the easiest way to tune a

Simply stabilize the power of the vehicle with a good power supply,
connect the tool to the OBD plug and read and write the car's ECU.

READY to start with tuning, contact us for more information or questions.

Best Regards

* Mike *

Managing Director

Tel. +31 (0)621213988

*S-chip* Automotive Software Technic AST

Netherlands/ Nederland

*S-chip* AST - more Power for your engine

www.s-chip.nl <http://www.s-chip.nl>

follow us at FACEBOOK
https://nl-nl.facebook.com/pages/S-chip ... 8118626267
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