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Engine swap ECU Lancer 09

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:15 am
by DJEllipse
I'm changing my Engine on my 2009 Lancer SE 2.0

I'm swapting for a 2.4L engine (4B12), but keeping my 4B11 ECU

About the ECU, what do i need to rename the ECU, i mean :

Do i have to read @ 2.4L 2009 engine ECU (lest's say 53200007), re-number-it with my ECU number (53220003), and flash it in, (so i'd have a 2.4L with ecu number 53220003)

Or do i have to only copy that same lancer 2009 with 2.4 engine in my ecu, and it will change ecu code and become 53200007

Must also ask :

I there's a way to find Engine ID without the ECU ?