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Postby RobEVO » Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:16 am

Hey guys, I'm a long time EVO owner and have been using ECUFlash / EVOScan for several years now. ('05 stock turbo 2.3 Cams 1200cc inj for E85 exc.)

One of the biggest things that prevents me from purchasing any other car is the lack of a really great tuning solution for the stock ECU. On to the point...

I'm seriously considering a Cayman S. Tuning solutions just aren't available in the self-tune realm BUT there are a couple companies that do OBDII Fla$he$.

I've got 14 years of software development under my belt and I'm sure I could tackle the windows side of things when it comes to creating an ECUFlash like product. I would rather donate time and money to an open source tuning solution than pay thousands for a "reflash". Would it be better to attempt to create a from-scratch version to tune the various Porsche models or does ECU Flash have the flexibility to be configured in such a way that it might work with a Porsche ECU?

I have some assumptions:
I'll need a spare ECU
I'll need to fab up a virtual Cayman (This is the part I'm most worried about, I built my 2.3 in my dining room but Porsche sensors are probably expensive as hell...)
I'll need to dig through the ROM once I figure out how to pull it (Are you guys just reverse engineering the raw rom file? Does it look like assembly?)

I am basically looking for a toe hold to get started in reverse engineering a new platform...
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