Check my Log please !!!

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Check my Log please !!!

Postby feelsti » Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:28 pm

I use a standard ROM for JDM 2000 WRX, However, I disabled the rear oxygen sensor error.
I did not understand whether it is possible to do it but I'm attached to the message my ROM. sorry if this is prohibited. Can fix my post

I have a standard diameter of the exhaust pipe without catalytic converter, muffler and resonator.
The establishment of a completely new and original AFR and MAF sensors

Car: Subaru Impreza WRX 2000 year (JDM 250 hp) Automatic Transm. sport shift

Fuel: 98 octane / Russia / at the time of logging the temperature outside -10 (С)

I recorded logs separately in 1,2,3 gears. At 3 transfer I did some logs. Files are signed accordingly (gear1, gear2...).
I am confused by the following:
in file romraiderlog_gear3__20130308_110804.csv
Knock Correction Advance - ranges from 0 to 13 ... Is it normal?
in file romraiderlog_gear3__20130308_110046.csv
Exhaust Temp. is 750 (C) - is very high?

please tell me it's okay ...
I worry that the removal of the catalyst could make a poor mix and break the engine in the future....
ROM from my car
(160 KiB) Downloaded 649 times
Log at 2 gear
(99.32 KiB) Downloaded 676 times
Log at 3 gear
(158.75 KiB) Downloaded 678 times
Log at 3 gear
(26.46 KiB) Downloaded 460 times
Log at 3 gear
(54.78 KiB) Downloaded 673 times
romraiderlog_1gear_ _20130308_105052.csv
Log at 1 gear
(33.13 KiB) Downloaded 668 times
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