compare/diff for hex ROMs

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compare/diff for hex ROMs

Postby Kooldino » Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:08 am

Unless one already exists, I'm considering starting a side project. I'd like to have a program that's able to compare two .hex files and tell me which maps differ. Then, I'd like to be able to output a third .hex file with the user-selected maps from each file.

For example, I envision the process going something like this:

-User Selects romA.hex and romB.hex, and clicks "compare"
-The program outputs:
Code: Select all
The following maps differ between these two ROMs:
romA.hex                                                                                romB.hex
[ * ]                                        Knock Multiplier                             [   ]
[   ]                                        High Octane Fuel                             [ * ]
[   ]                                        High Octane Timing                           [ * ]

If you would like to merge these maps, please select which maps you'd like to use for the output file.
Note: the output file will be based off of the ROM on the left, so any hidden maps not listed here will
be inherited from that ROM.

Please enter a filename for the merged output ROM [BROWSE] ___________________________

[Output Merged ROM] [Quit without merging ROMs]

I'd like to do this first on the Evo X, since that's what I drive and tune. To do this, I'll need the memory addresses and sizes of each map.
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